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The Covenant Church from its pioneer beginnings to the present has been and remains a non-creedal church.  "It has traditionally valued the historic confessions of the Christian Church, particularly the Apostles' Creed, while at the same time it has emphasized the sovereignty of the Word over all creedal interpretations."  While it does adhere to the affirmations of the Protestant Reformation regarding the Holy Scriptures, it bases its life and beliefs on its statement of faith which reads, "The Covenant Church believes in the Holy Scriptures, the Old and New Testament, as the Word of God and the only perfect rule for faith, doctrine, and conduct."

Click on the link below to view our Statement of Faith.  For a more detailed look into the theological doctrines of the Evangelical Covenant Church, pick up a copy of Donald Frisk's book entitled Covenant Affirmations.

RCC believes that Jesus is the Son of God, who was buried, died, and resurrected by God on the third day.  We believe in the sacredness of the Scripture, that it is living and active, relevant, and timely for our needs today.  We believe that god is unique unto Himself and has no equivalent in nature, and has revealed Himself as One God in three distinct Persons.  This is considered a mystery, a paradox, and we hold it by faith by what the Scriptures have revealed.  We believe that salvation is open to all regardless of status, background or race and that it is the gift of God that cannot be earned by good works but only in the acceptance that Jesus is Lord and that He is risen by the power of God.