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Bernabe Community Center extends a heartfelt welcome.  As you discover Bernabe, you will find our online home encouraging and inspiring.  We’re about people helping people because we believe that we are better together!

Our story is about city residents taking ownership of their neighborhood and how that decision changed and continues to change their community.  Piece by piece, dream by dream, hope by hope, everyday people – from elementary kids to senior citizens – are improving their attitude and opportunities in business, home, and school environments.  How do you change a community from the inside out?  Any positive change starts first and foremost with each person consciously owning their decisions in the past and for the future.  Maturity comes from taking up the mantle to be proactive improving your position in life through education, better communication with associates, and in holding a positive attitude.  The results are astounding.  Choosing to not be cynical or to blame oneself or others generates hope, and hope creates people who are resilient, determined, and creative in finding solutions to problems.